Branding Design for Retail Fashion Boutique – Logo & Identity Branding Graphic Design

PROJECT: Fashion Retailer Branding Design

CLIENT: Pom Pom Boutique - Victoria, BC


esigning a company’s branding, logo, and general identity is by far my favourite part of being a freelance designer. Pom Pom Boutique is a bright and colourful new fashion boutique in the heart of downtown Victoria, BC.  I was asked to do some graphic design to develop their branding as well as design all their business cards, marketing collateral, custom WordPress website, graphics, and future advertising. For this design, the blue was taken directly from the paint samples and the stripes and flowers match the decorations and colours featured in the store. Check out the custom Wordperss ecommerce website that I DESIGN STUFF developed for Pom Pom Boutique.

Branding for a Target Demographic


hen branding and designing a unique identity for a product or service, many things should be considered. First and foremost is always the target audience or who the brand is for. Are you designing for women aged 35-52 who are mostly married? Or perhaps men aged 22-36 who are active in sports. The more specific the better. Future uses for the brand like in a custom WordPress or Shopify site should also be considered. In Pom Pom’s case, their target demographic is women between the ages of 26 and 60 (so quite a wide demographic) who are fashion conscious, both married or single, with a medium to high disposable income for fashion and accessories.

Branding for Signage and Exteriors


om Pom Boutique’s exterior signage was designed to match the overall aesthetic. Vector design was done for the vinyl lettering on the window and the circular sign decal features the flowers, birds and colours from the interior and the business card. The circle graphic was also reformatted and designed as a sticker to be given away to customers. For locally made items, the clothing tag design serves to reinforce the branding whenever they make a sale!

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