Custom Album Art & Design – Photography & Graphic Design for CD Package

PROJECT: Album Art & Package Design

CLIENT: Shoestring Bourbon


create custom album art from conception to final package. This design is an excellent example of exactly that. When I DESIGN STUFF was first approached to design something to capture the spirit of the band, the idea came in an instant. I pictured an old desk or table top of sorts with band or music or “bluesy” related items strewn across it. Lucky for me, they were sold on the idea and I got to work.

First came the photography shoot. I used a Canon T3-i and used multiple shutter speeds in order to capture the table at different exposure settings. Then the images were brought in to Adobe Photoshop in order to create an HDR merge. HDR merges allow one to see both the highlights and the shadows of an image with great detail. They make for a much more dynamic and interesting photo. The logo design fit perfectly into the rectangular portion in the middle of the table.


he band chose the digipak cd package and fitting the album art to the template design was no problem. Some live band photography was provided by the band and was a great fit for the existing design. Overall, this album art was incredibly fun to create from beginning to end. The band allowed full creative control after we had agreed upon a unique custom concept. From there it designed itself and the photo turned out better than expected. Do you have a band that needs some artwork done for an upcoming album? I DESIGN STUFF has created lots of album in my 12+ years experience. Check out some of the others on the home/portfolio page.

The band’s music is still available for listening and for download online here on bandcamp. Check them out or have a listen below while you have a look at the album art design.

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