Vinyl & CD Package Design – Album Artwork & Graphic Design

PROJECT: Album Artwork Design

CLIENT: The New Groovement


was approached for some graphic design by The New Groovement to create an album graphic that would capture the essence of the band’s BIG sound. Not only that, the package design had to visually appeal to any potential listener or music buyer. When looking at the cover, one must instantly think “Now that looks like it would be a good album!” Designed to look like a retro 70’s funk band vinyl, the album features the band’s signature colour (bright orange!) and overlapping 3-D imagery with the band’s logo.


he final package design was a little different for the CD format. Its package design had four panels instead of 2 and a single fold down the middle. Here we featured a heavily stylized photo of the band with a little bit of creative Photoshop work to fit all the members of the band in the one panoramic picture.

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