Clothing Design for Band Shirts – Logo & Branding Graphic Design for Clothing

PROJECT: T-Shirt Branding & Graphic Design

CLIENT: Rocky Mountain Rebel Music - Band - Victoria, BC


s always, branding and especially clothing and tshirt design is great fun. Mostly because t’s always cool to see your tshirt design printed and worn. The funk/rock/reggae group Rocky Mountain Rebel Music is most definitely a musical team rather than just simply a musical band. That’s why the idea to do some baseball tshirt design was just too tempting to pass up. Like a musical team uniform designed to unite fans of the band. The logo and brand was previously designed by I DESIGN STUFF and served as the perfect front-side or mascot for the uniform. Next I just needed to design the back-side and include a somewhat universal number.

In the end, the double zero was chosen and now everyone can be a part of the team with this very popular item. Creating graphics for clothing is among the most exciting work that I DESIGN STUFF gets to do.


ocky Mountain Rebel Music was a fantastic 10-piece ska, funk, rock & reggae band based in Victoria, BC. They contracted to I DESIGN STUFF to design their brand and many other graphics over the course of their career. When I get to incorporate previously designed branding, it’s a dream come true. Getting to see the evolution of a brand design and the many forms it can take is one of the best parts of designing. This tshirt design was actually pretty popular and fans very much embraced it as a uniform. In Victoria, BC, you can still see the tshirt design being worn at some of the local shows like Skafest.

The band’s music is still available here on bandcamp for everyone to check out. It is also available for download. There’s 3 albums and they’re all pretty great! You can also listen to it below.

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